Hand Wrist

Wrist joints

The complexity of the wrist joints is supported by a large number of ligaments that keep together the large number of bones forming the carpus and the carpus with the radius and ulna as well as the carpus with the metacarpal bones of the hand. The main joints of the wrist are:

The Triangular FibroCartilage Complex (TFCC) is formed by the triangular fibrocartilage discus (TFC), the Radio-Ulnar Ligaments (RUL’s) and the Ulno-Carpal Ligaments (UCL’s). The TFCC consists of collagenous fibres (ligaments) implanted in a fibrocartilage matrix that extends to the extremity of the radius and ulna to achieve a concave shape. The TFCC allows the distal radius to slide around the ulna during supination and pronation.